Club Penguin

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  1. hello my name is joshua but I am uesing my brothers laptop so I like your games alot and the rean I mess up was my brother messed me up so yaa I like your games thanks

  2. I enjoyed this game, it was very pleasant. Thank you. I shall see you in the next game I shall play.

  3. i want to kill myself, thanks for the game you ended my life, i did myself an enjoy

    1. I haven't played this game nyet biyt i like the posiitivity uin the ccomoments so keep it up im usiening my school laptop so pls dont treport me XD i domt want to getets tinto trouble but if you wannans do spome kinky shit on c;lub penguin hmu XDDDDDDDDDDD ALSO kill yourself faggots i have a raging boner

  4. wel the game diddnt work dso fuck the commmies i guies
    Hitlrer did nothing wrong and I hope he replaces my father


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